The [Unofficial] Official 2016 Seattle Strategic Staffing Guide

Staffing many positions has become a major challenge for Seattle employers. The race for top talent is on, and the competition to find the best people is fierce.

How can you stay ahead of the game to meet your 2016 business goals? Here’s how to plan strategically for the coming year so that you’re always ready to recruit and retain the best candidates:

  1. Evaluate last year’s staffing approach. Who did you hire last year? Where did you find them? How smoothly did the process go? What unexpected challenges or obstacles arose, and how well do you think your company handled them? Which tactics would you gladly use again – and which ones failed dismally? When you start by looking back, you identify the places in which your efforts can be deployed for best results.
  2. Consider this year’s goals. What are your company’s or department’s goals for 2016? For each goal, list the people and skills that will be most essential toward meeting that goal. Do you have the skilled staff you need? If you need to add more people, why do you need them? For instance, will new staff handle the increased day-to-day workload as the business grows, or will their specialized skills be required for a major new project?
  3. Think relationships, not Rolodex. Having a large database of potential candidates can feel reassuring. When it’s time to wade through the files for the talent best suited to a particular job, what was once reassuring becomes daunting. Instead of cultivating a large Rolodex of candidates, focus on connecting to local professionals in the fields you’ll be hiring in. Talk to your current top staff for leads and connections, browse the Internet to see work samples, and attend conferences and seminars to talk directly to promising talent.
  4. Connect with your recruiter regularly. Your staffing partner can instantly increase your connections to promising new talent. The more your staffing firm knows about your needs and goals, the easier it is for them to find candidates with the technical skill and personal “fit” needed to do their best work on your team. Equip your staffing firm to give you their best by touching base with your staffing partner regularly.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters do more than simply recommend candidates. We also help you think strategically about your staffing needs, so you find the right candidates when you need them. Contact us today to learn more about out staffing services in Seattle, Portland and Phoenix.

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