Ask a Recruiter: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Recently, we shared with you some tips on how to win over the one person who can make or break your chances of getting that job – AKA the receptionist.

We spoke with Diamond Kelley, TERRA’s Seattle Front Office Coordinator, to get some insight on how job seekers can make a good impression the moment they step into the lobby.

In this short video, she shares some important DOs and DON’Ts that can play a part in whether you do or don’t get the job!

If you need help with your job search, don’t hesitate to contact the expert recruiting team over at TERRA Staffing Group.

We specialize in helping people find the Right Fit™.  Let us help!


  1. I agree that a first impression is imperative, especially in a job interview. I have been trying to prepare for a really important job interview, and I really appreciate your helpful information. Thank you for all of your tips and specific things to avoid in an interview. I will be applying a lot of your advice when I go to my appointment! Thank you!

  2. Making a good first impression is the most important part with hiring someone. Whether you are the employee or the employer, you always need to make a good first impression. This is more apparent for the employee. You wouldn’t want to go to an interview wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Wear professional attire and clean up your face as well. This means shaving or trimming any facial hair. When in doubt, you can always ask for professional help on employment.

  3. I’ve been wanting to learn more about recruiting agencies and how they work. There are so many things that make this work though and its hard to know where to start. This helped a ton and its cool to see that there are ways to help people find jobs.


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