Six Tips for Building and Managing Teams

When filling a critical position, it’s wise to pull together a hiring team rather than depending entirely on the insights of one or two interviewers. But how do you determine who should be on the team, and how can you keep them on track? Here are a few tips that may help.

Assemble the team. Choose people who can offer a variety of relevant opinions. Of course you should have the direct supervisor for the position involved and a representative from HR. Consider rounding out the group with a manager from another department that you work closely with for an additional perspective you can trust. Decide who the ultimate decision maker is.

Discuss the goal. Share the details of the open position with the hiring team; why it’s vacant, what the responsibilities of the role are, who the ideal candidate will be. Share all the materials you have on the candidate; resume, any profile, etc. Discuss the must-haves for candidates and the like-to-haves.

Divide and conquer. Ask each member of the hiring team to approach the interview from a different angle, so that the same interview is not being conducted over and over. For example the direct supervisor could focus on the hard skills required for the position, HR on soft skills and fit, and a second manager on communication skills.

Debrief after. Provide a feedback form that each interviewer can use to write down their immediate impressions right after the interview. This should be done before any discussion while their thoughts are fresh and uninfluenced by other opinions. Once everyone’s thoughts are on paper, discuss the candidate and determine if this candidate is worthy of further consideration.

Include your recruiter. A recruiter who understands your business and your industry can be instrumental in your hiring process. They can ensure that each candidate you speak to is truly suited to your company and the position. The most well-developed hiring team is of no use unless the right people make it into the funnel.

Manage the time of top executives. Don’t waste their time until you have narrowed the field to the top candidates. Unless you are filling a very senior role, executives need not be involved until you are ready for their stamp of approval.

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