Employment and Hiring Outlook for Phoenix

Is your company finding it harder to fill open positions in the Phoenix area? If you’re like most employers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult, time-consuming and expensive to find qualified candidates for available jobs.

The main culprit that has hiring managers pulling their hair out? A steadily and continually improving job market. Of the 51 statistical metropolitan areas in the United States with one million or more people, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale sits comfortably in the middle of the pack, tied for the 25th-lowest unemployment rate at 4.9 percent.

That’s a long way from the 11.8 percent unemployment Phoenix experienced in September 2009, at the depths of the global financial crisis. And although there have been some upticks, the general trend has clearly been heading lower for most of the last six years.

Phoenix’s jobs number is now the lowest it’s been since April 2008 – more than seven years ago – and it’s better than both an impressive national figure of 5.5 percent (as of May) and the 6.0 percent statewide mark.

Across Arizona, almost every sector is reporting higher demand for workers, with only heavy industry – manufacturing and resource extraction – lagging behind. Between January and April, the Grand Canyon state added over 25,000 nonfarm jobs.

Falling unemployment figures are often seen as indicative of a stronger economy, and while most businesses welcome the idea of more potential customers, lower unemployment can cause headaches for those doing the hiring. It means fewer workers are available to fill more positions, and the most qualified candidates are snapped up first. In this “seller’s market,” it will often take longer and cost more to fill a position with a worker who is likely less than ideally qualified or experienced.

In this climate, it makes sense to work with a staffing expert. While even a minimal amount of effort can be effective in a job market flooded with a supply of suitable candidates, a more challenging hiring climate calls for a certain measure of expertise and hiring resources beyond the average employer.

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