Happpy TERRA-versary, Antoinette!

Cheers to four years, Antoinette!
               Cheers to four years, Antoinette!

Today we would like to wish Tacoma Office Coordinator, Antoinette Allen, a very happy 4th TERRA-versary!

Her manager, Barbara Van Meter, said, “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Antoinette for four years and it seems like each year is better than the last. Antoinette never fails to amaze me with her unwavering commitment to customers, employees and coworkers alike. She is the first person to notice if you are having a bad day and is always ready to offer up a smile. We receive compliment after compliment after compliment about her from our clients.  She handles the highest volume of phone calls and applicants in the company and never seems flustered or put out. She flat out rocks! She does so much and makes it look seamless. We’re overjoyed to have you in Tacoma and are looking forward to the next four years!!!

Michelle Harbarcuk, Director of Strategic Accounts, also chimed in. She said, “Antoinette continues to be Tacoma’s rock. She manages candidate flow, supports the entire office and brings a positive energy to work on a daily basis. I appreciate the fact that, although Antoinette has great knowledge of and tenure in her role, she is always pushing herself to learn and grow.”

Cheers to you, Antoinette!

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