Happy TERRA-versary, Stevie!

Happy TERRA-versary, Stevie!
Happy TERRA-versary, Stevie!

Happy 1st TERRA-versary to TERRA’s Candidate Intake Specialist, Stevie Papenthien!

TERRA’s VP of Administration, JoAnn Xydis, said, “Stevie’s role as Candidate Intake Specialist is integral to TERRA’s growth. She’s responsible for being one of the first points of contact for new applicants to TERRA.  I really appreciate Stevie’s ability to connect with people so effortlessly. Also, her screening of talent is consistent, friendly, and represents TERRA so well.  Thank you for your first year of service, Stevie. We are so happy to have you as TERRA’s secret weapon!”

Cheers to one year, Stevie!

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