10 Help Desk Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Your company’s help desk is the first point of customer contact with your firm – and, in many cases, the only point of contact. At an internal help desk, staff needs to know their areas of expertise inside and out and be able to communicate them effectively to fellow employees.

Whether you’re looking for staff to assist customers or to keep the company running smoothly, here are ten help desk interview questions that will help you pick the best candidate:

  1. How important is customer service for you?

    Help desk staff handle customer service first, and the tone of the customer service sets the tone for the company’s relations as a whole. Outstanding help desk staff put customer service first – always.

  2. Does this company need a help desk?

    Don’t just settle for “yes, of course!” – Ask why. Top help desk staff realize that the help desk ensures that company resources are available when customers and employees need them.

  3. How important are IT skills in a help desk position? How do you keep your skills updated?

    IT skills allow help desk staff to assist customers and employees more quickly. Look for staff who not only have strong computer skills, but who are also committed to improving their skills through classes, practice, and independent study.

  4. Tell us about a time you dealt with a frustrated customer. What was the issue, and how did you handle it?

    Listen for a story that describes your ideal help desk staff member. Efforts to understand the customer’s frustration, reduce tension, and efficiently solve the problem all point toward outstanding staff.

  5. What three qualities does the ideal help desk staff person possess?

    The ability to listen, to communicate clearly, to be patient in a tense situation, and to know the available resources well all contribute to the success of an ideal help desk staff member.

  6. Describe your worst experience as a help desk assistant. How did you handle it?

    How the candidate describes the experience matters as much as what the candidate says. Look for candidates who focus on solving the problem, not on blaming others or commenting on personalities.

  7. Tell us about a time a customer asked you a question, and you didn’t know the answer. What did you do?

    The best help desk candidates don’t beat around the bush: They tell the customer they don’t know, and immediately seek to find out.

  8. What do you do if a customer isn’t satisfied with your service?

    Outstanding help desk staff don’t rest until the client is satisfied, and they strive to analyze the situation for clues on how they can prevent similar customer dissatisfaction in the future.

  9. What have you recently learned that will help you in this position?

    Many candidates will mention formal education or on-the-job skill training, which is fine. But a candidate who can identify a personal or professional situation in which he or she learned a valuable communication or service skill shows signs of being a top candidate due to their self-awareness.

  10. Why do you want this job?

    The best candidates will tell you not only why they want to be a help desk assistant, but why they want to work with you.

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