How to Hire Top Talent in Portland’s Competitive Recruiting Landscape

The economy continues to rebound, both nationally and in the Portland, OR area. How can employers like you compete for top talent when demand exceeds supply? Consider these tips to make sure you are a serious competitor for the best people.

Broaden your reach. With technologies that make telecommuting easier than ever, you can recruit across the country, not just around the corner. Look at your tough-to-fill positions to determine which ones could be just as easily filled by a remote worker.

Focus your search. Your first instinct may be to post positions on the large national job boards, but they can be expensive. If they aren’t effective for your company, your money may be better spent elsewhere. Consider focusing on smaller specialized boards where niche candidates are likely to look.

Become a target employer. Wouldn’t you like talented professionals to think of you first when asked who they’d love to work for? You have to let them get to know you.

Here’s how to leverage social media to share who you are and what you’re doing:

  • Update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts regularly.
  • Publish frequent blogs or press releases with projects, goals or recent successes.
  • Share photos or profiles of current employees on your website to show the human side of your company.
  • Get involved in the community. Charitable events, fundraisers and activities allow you to meet people in an informal setting. It’s also a great way to assess fit.

Host an open house. Open your doors to students from local colleges or job seekers so they can see what you have to offer and do a little networking.

Solicit recommendations. Offer incentives to current employees for recommending their friends or professional colleagues for open positions. They know who will be a great fit for the organization.

Reach out to boomerangs. Comb your files, or better still ask managers who they would rehire. Re-engaging employees who left for new opportunities is a great way to recruit top talent. They may have learned that the grass was not greener and have likely increased their skills and experience since leaving.

Partner with a recruiter. Recruiters can put you in touch with top passive talent – people who have neither the time nor the inclination to browse job boards. When you discuss your requirements with a recruiter, chances are he is already thinking of a few people that he can call right away, even those currently working for your competitors.

At TERRA, we can help you compete for top talent in Portland. For more tips or to start your next search, talk to your TERRA recruiter. To learn more about our Portland staffing and recruiting services, contact us today.

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