Hiring Costs Soaring Out of Control? Here’s What You Can Do.

Hiring can be a long and expensive process. Traditional recruiting, where a company advertises a specific job when it becomes available, invites interested candidates to apply and then hires the most qualified candidate can be time consuming and costly. This is especially true with high turnover and/or multiple positions to fill.

Luckily, there are a few ways to trim those high personnel costs.

Planned Hiring Process

If you’re doing a lot of hiring, don’t waste time with a haphazard process. A coherent plan should be developed that clearly lays out the steps involved in the hiring process, with detailed instructions on each of the following phases:

  • Identifying a need
  • Defining the role
  • Creating the position
  • Disseminating the posting
  • Screening applicants
  • Interviewing candidates

As part of a planned hiring process, you should have good standard criteria for the interviewing process, eschewing trick or gimmick questions in favor of skills testing, effective questioning, and the involvement of appropriate colleagues and supervisors.

Ongoing Talent Acquisition

For some companies, the recruiting process never really stops. Whether due to high turnover, continued growth or a general lack of qualified workers, they’re constantly on the search for fresh blood. These companies engage in “ongoing” or “strategic” talent acquisition, a constant process of networking, identifying, attracting, recruiting and hiring new talent.

Where recruiting is finding one person to fill one job, talent acquisition takes a longer-term view, developing relationships with potential hires over time, and sourcing candidates for future openings – or even for positions which are expected to exist, but don’t yet.

Partnering With a Recruiter

Sometimes, it’s just easier to bring in some experts. Recruiters can reach a wider pool of talent more quickly, and are more practiced at identifying the best candidates. Working with a recruiter can lower your costs in the long run, save you hiring headaches and leave you more time to make your business better. Staffing companies often offer a number of other services which could save you time and money.

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