Holiday Memory: All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

by Emily Kaplan

Picture this – a skinny, scrawny-limbed, bucktooth, preteen girl full of spastic estrogen. That was me at 12.

EmilyThis was right around when Apple was beginning to heat up. It also happens to be the time frame for one of my most distinct holiday memories.

For Christmas that year I received a pair of Bose speakers from which I could play my (first edition!) iPod. I was interested in blasting one song in particular, “Gold” by Spandau Ballet – a hot, 80s love ballad. (Why I knew and adored this jam, being that I was a 90s baby, is beyond me.)

Once all of the gifts had been unwrapped, I ran to the nearest outlet, plugged in my new speakers, hit play, and let “Gold” flood the room. I stood there, filled with admiration. I let the melody fill me with warmth and began to dance. For a while.

I noticed that my mother was looking at me with adoring eyes, like I was the cutest thing she’d ever seen – which was of course super embarrassing.

“Mom, I’m almost a teenager! Don’t infantilize me with your loving eyes!”

Despite the major loss of cool points and the fact that I was moderately embarrassed for getting caught up in this romantic ballad in front of my family, it is now one of those obscure moments in history that for some reasons stands out with prominence for me.

Emily and her grandma on New Year's Eve.
Emily and her grandma on New Year’s Eve.

Holidays are all about letting the warmth of family and friends, peace and gratitude, fill you. It’s a time of reflection and appreciation, a time to remember the importance of love, a time to remember how good it feels when all around you are spreading care and kindness.  It’s a time to press the PAUSE button on life, but never on your Bose speakers – and NEVER when Mr. Ballet is rockin’ out!

This season, be mindful of the love swarming around you. Do something nice for someone, be it a stranger, family member or friend, and carry some of the holiday spirit with you into the next year!

For your viewing and listening pleasure, we present to you “Gold.” (Apologies in advance, it’s likely to be stuck in your head all day.)

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