Holiday Memory: One Bike, Three Girls

By Kirsten Poe

I was born in Everett Washington, the middle child of three girls. I always loved having an older sister and a younger sister because I always had someone to play with and, of course, borrow clothes from.

Sweet little sisters: (L-R) Katie, Kirsten and Karli
Sweet little sisters: (L-R) Katie, Kirsten and Karli

Christmas was always a wonderful and exciting time of the year at our house. We didn’t have a lot of money, but our parents always found a way to get us almost everything on our wish list and make the holidays so memorable. Most of the time, my parents would wait until Christmas Eve to wrap all of our presents. We would go to bed and wake up to a living room full of presents and stockings overflowing onto the stairs.

I never felt disappointed, that is until one Christmas when we woke up and there was only 1 bicycle in front of the Christmas tree. Looking at the name tag on the bike, it was soon revealed that it was of course for the “favorite” child, the baby of us all–my little sister, Karli. I remember being very upset and, to top it off, my dad asked my older sister, Katie, and I to help her take it out to the garage before we could open any presents. This was not fair and did not go over so well. I am sure that we argued for at least five minutes which normally would have gotten us some soap in the mouth or a swat on the butt, but it was Christmas so we knew we wouldn’t be punished that day. I remember my dad smiling as we protested how rude it was for us to have to take it out since we didn’t even get a bike and how she was big enough to do it herself. Nevertheless, we eventually decided that we would like to open our now insignificant gifts and then decided to help my sister take out her bike.

kirsten2.jpegOnce we opened the garage door we were so surprised to see TWO additional bikes held up by kick stands with big bows on them. I remember feeling so embarrassed by the fit I had thrown minutes earlier and was overwhelmed with joy. That is one of the only times in my life that I was truly surprised. It is a great and lasting memory. I remember seeing the excitement on my dad’s face when he watched us open the door. I imagine that is the joy I seek to see in my children’s faces every Christmas.


Kirsten Poe is a Recruiting Coordinator in our Everett office.  Her sister, Katie, is a Recruiter in the Everett office. 

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