Holiday Memory: There's Always Room on Santa's Lap

By Suzette Nedervelt

There are many things I enjoy about the holidays. Taking my family to downtown Seattle to enjoy the lights, decorations and sounds of Christmas time in the city is definitely one of them. But my favorite holiday tradition revolves around none other than Santa Claus – who else?!

The first of many photos with Santa.
The first of many photos with Santa.

I have two daughters, Ashley (the oldest) and Nicole (the youngest), and we have made it a tradition to see Santa every year since they were five and two respectively. The first year we took our daughters to visit Santa, Nicole was a baby and the photo was captured without incident.  Next Christmas, however, was a different story!

Nicole absolutely refused to go near the man in the red suit, which definitely would have put a dent in my plans of starting any kind of Christmas tradition! In the end, the only way she would concede to posing with Santa was if Mommy and Daddy were with her. The following year, Nicole was no longer afraid and she and Ashley were able to take pictures with Santa on their own.  Now, over 20 years later, it is a tradition that we still continue.

I now have a young niece and nephew that join us in our tradition of taking pictures with Santa Claus.  And as our family continues to grow, I hope that we can continue. After all, there’s always room for one more on Santa’s lap!

The girls grow up, new kids join the family, and the tradition continues.
The girls grow up, new kids join the family, and the tradition continues.

Each picture brings us a new story to tell and cherish. And I love the warmth and happiness I feel when placing a new Christmas picture on the plate railing every year. But Nicole’s first picture with Santa (featuring my husband and myself) will always hold a special place in my heart, and in my memories.

Suzette Nedervelt is a Recruiter in TERRA’s Seattle office.

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