Making Memories–Merry Birthday, Tabitha!

By Tabitha Delaire

My December 29th birthday has always been a point of contention for me. At times I have loved it and at times I have hated it. If you have a birthday close to Christmas, you know exactly what I mean. For the rest of you, let me explain.

As a kid I was always upset that I never got to have cupcakes brought in to my class (and my stepmom is pretty much the best baker ever) because there was never school. We were all on a “Christmas break.” When I would have a birthday party, it was very hit or miss who could show up because many of my friends were out of town for the holidays.

And then there’s the weather. The year of my first co-ed birthday party, it SNOWED and no one could get to our rural house and up our steep driveway so there were only a few of us there.

Tabitha celebrating her birthday. Notice there are no Santas or snowmen on the wrapping paper.

Then, of course, there is the whole present thing. No, I would not enjoy a combined Christmas/Birthday present, and yes, I do want birthday wrapping paper! I also never had any great ideas for what I wanted as a birthday gift since Christmas had just passed.

As I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate my birthday. Once I graduated high school I really loved it because all of my closest friends were home from college or those who had moved out-of-state were visiting for the holidays which also meant they could celebrate with me. I’ve come to embrace the uniqueness of having a birthday during the holidays. It is a happy time and family is always close. And usually it is slower at work, so I can take some extra time off to relax on my birthday. This year it’s on a Saturday – bonus!

So, despite the Santa Claus wrapping paper and guaranteed rain, I have really come to enjoy my holiday birthday!


Tabitha Delaire is a Recruiter in TERRA’s Federal Way office.

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