Making Memories–What Are the Holidays Without a Little Santa Trauma?

by Natalija Colic

Every year the excitement around the holidays would build in preparation to visit Santa. Unlike most kids who run to Santa to request their plunder, I was always terrified of the man. It seemed like every year that I grew, he too got bigger and more ominous. In my head I’d try to convince myself of the good that would come out of visiting him, but once our eyes would meet, I’d see pure evil and break down.

This specific year was pretty rough. I tried to keep it together, but Santa’s terrifying grimace and painted cheeks got the best of me. It took my mom and several cousins a while to calm me down. As all the rest of the patrons were told to proceed and mind their own business, I was starting to spread the propaganda, in a shrill voice with tears streaming, that he was up to no good and that if I was forced to go up to him no good would come of it.

One long hour later, I regained my composure as my mom was beginning to lose her sanity. I sat down to make amends and take my complimentary picture with the monster in the red suit in hope that he’d forgive the incident and deliver my gifts.

Natalija comes face-to-face with her fears.

It would be many more years before I was no longer afraid of Santa but that sheer terror as a child has transformed into absolute love for Santa as an adult.

Natalija Colic is a Recruiter in TERRA’s Kirkland office.

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