Making Memories–Yes, Angelina! There Really is a Santa Claus

I’ve always been a Daddy’s Girl.My dad was a single father and always worked very hard to make holidays very special for myself and my little sister.
One Christmas when I was in 4th grade, I was spreading rumors about Santa to my younger sister. I was telling her that I didn’t think he was real – and, making her cry! “Somehow”, my dad caught word of this and despite his words of encouragement that “yes, Santa is real…where do you think your bicycle and “baby alive” came from?”, I was still not 100% sure and continued to whisper the rumors .

Christmas Eve rolled around and I received a very important phone call; a phone call from Daisy – Santa’s Lead Elf! She asked to speak to me first, as I was the eldest, she of course asked me about the rumors I was spreading and assured me that “YES Santa is real and that if I wanted to stay on the “nice” list then I need
ed to stop spreading the rumors about him to my siblings, I was really hurting Santa’s feelings”.


That night we actually HEARD Santa on the roof. NO JOKE! And I woke up to my favorite Christmas present, ever – Santa had built me my very own stage equiped with a disco light and microphone stand to go with my new Karaoke Machine. My sister and I spent the rest of the day practicing our dance routines and singing Mariah Carey songs.


Years later, I found that Daisy was my Aunt and Santa on the roof was my DAD – who was actually on the roof  in the snow and cold. My dad had orchestrated the whole thing. Sure did keep me in check the following year – I knew Daisy would be checking up on me!
Angelina Gibson is a Recruiter in our TERRA’s Tukwila office.

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