What Can a Recruiter Do That You Can’t?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably considered working with a recruiter to help you locate skilled talent. In almost every case, this is probably the right choice. A recruiter has the flexibility, expertise and resources to do things that a normal manager trying to fill a position can’t.

Here are just a few advantages you gain from working with a recruiter:

Focus – Every minute you spend working on recruiting by yourself is a minute not spent on doing your core job responsibilities. Finding you engineering talent is a recruiter’s job, and they have a lot more experience doing it. Unless you’re part of a huge company, your human resources department won’t a have a team of dedicated recruiters, and will have other duties which demand their attention.

Instead of forcing your HR employees to sift through a mountain of hopeful résumés to find a few qualified candidates, and then having to take staff members and supervisors away from their regular jobs to conduct skill-based interviews, an agency will do the screening processes for you. An engineering recruiter has the background to understand what you’re looking for, and will send you only qualified candidates to interview.

Speed – For you, replacing a member of staff can be a time-sucking chore. You’ve got to draft a job posting, advertise it, screen applicants and interview candidates. This could take weeks, or longer. A recruiter is constantly looking for new talent and will often have someone appropriate in a matter of days – or even hours, if they’re already on file.

Quantity and Quality – Even if you do take the time to put your own job ads out, you’re unlikely to get attention that matches what a recruiter can offer you. Finding employees with the right qualifications is their job, and they’ll be able to offer you a larger number of qualified candidates, which often means the best will be more qualified than what you’d normally be able to source on your own.

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