Want to Attract Top Talent in Phoenix? Read This!

HandshakeThe good news is that the U.S. economy is doing better than ever. The bad news? Top talent is getting tougher to find – outstanding candidates are increasingly finding themselves with job offers from great companies.

But there’s hope.

Study after study shows that top talent isn’t swayed by the size of the paycheck alone. Rather, the best candidates want a company culture that supports their best work – which can mean anything from telecommuting to finding a team that feels like “home.”

Here are the places to focus your attention in order to attract the best talent in Phoenix:

If your salary offerings are competitive and you’re trying to manage staffing costs, it’s time to take another look at your benefits package. Make sure that healthcare, retirement, and similar offerings are competitive as well.

To stand out from your competitors in the race for talent, put together a selection of nontraditional benefits that support great work in the position for which you are hiring. Flex time or telecommuting options, for instance, allow top talent to work where and when they’re most “on.” Items like gym memberships contribute to wellness, which increases productivity and engagement. Your staffing partner can help you pinpoint cost-effective benefits that will catch the attention of top performers.

Workplace Culture
What is your workplace culture like? Is it laid-back and comfortable, or focused and driven? Do people come in early and leave early, or come late and stay late? When one staff member has a family emergency, how does the rest of the team respond?

The better you can describe your company’s culture, the easier it is to describe the kind of people who thrive in it – and to find them when you’re looking for top talent. In turn, employees who mesh well with the culture find it easier to do their best work and are loath to leave even if a more lucrative offer turns up.

Development Opportunities
Top talent reach the “top” by being curious, engaged, and motivated – the same qualities possessed by lifelong learners. To keep top talent engaged, it is important to offer meaningful development opportunities. These star achievers won’t stay long in any job that doesn’t offer them the chance to learn new things, develop their skills, and make real advancements in their careers.

Your recruiter can help you share development opportunities with outstanding candidates.

Ensuring that your company offers perks that attract top talent is a great start for your recruiting efforts. However, if you need assistance in finding top talent, consider working with a top staffing firm in Phoenix. At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters can help you position your company as the next “it” place to work for in Phoenix. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in Arizona, Oregon and Washington.

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