5 Tips for Retaining Top Talent in Portland

HappyEmployees2Portland has seen a boom recently in many business sectors, leaving businesses in the area scrambling to find good talent and keep the top talent they have.

Wondering how to maintain a great working relationship with the people who make your business thrive?

Here are five ways to engage and retain your top talent:


  1. Make your expectations clear. Stress on the job occurs when an employee feels as if they have been asked to do something for which they are not adequately equipped or prepared. To cut down on stress and maximize the opportunity for full, focused engagement, make your expectations clear on each task and overall. Listen to the employee’s requests and goals as well to foster a sense of purpose and drive.
  2. Take their recommendations seriously. Employees who feel as if their expertise is appreciated and their observations are taken seriously are more likely to offer recommendations for improvement and to stay engaged with the work they are doing. Create a system that will allow your people to bring up concerns and ideas and know they will be given full and fair consideration.
  3. Create real paths to advancement and growth. Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a dead-end job with no apparent purpose. Give your top talent a clear path to their next promotion, credential, or certification. Include measurable, realistic goals that will tell both you and your top talent when they’ve done what needed to be done in order to earn the next line on their resume – and then provide it.
  4. Show your appreciation. Even the most seemingly self-directed employees appreciate having their efforts noticed and rewarded. While employee appreciation can take the form of a bonus or extra vacation days, it can also be as simple as sending a “well done!” email or mentioning an employee’s extraordinary effort at the weekly staff meeting.
  5. Hire smarter. Create job postings that accurately describe the demands of the position and the skills required to succeed in it, so candidates feel challenged by their work without becoming stressed by its demands. Use behavioral interview questions to determine how candidates are likely to act in interpersonal situations, as well as when faced with technical questions. And don’t hesitate to work with a recruiter who can help you find candidates whose personalities will mesh well with the internal culture your top talent has already built.

A key aspect to an effective strategic recruiting plan is employee retention. By retaining your best talent, you will not only avoid the cost of hiring and onboarding replacement staff, your company will also be in a better position to grow (and attract new employees as you expand!).

At TERRA Staffing, the work our experienced recruiters provide have earned us a place on the “Best of Staffing” list for several years. This is due to our continued partnership with our clients – working to help you execute a strategic recruiting plan that is focused on finding, hiring and retaining top talent. Contact us today to learn about our staffing services in Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix.

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