Right Fit

TERRA’s Right Fit is an ongoing process built with your company’s unique staffing needs in mind.

Recruit for Our Talent Pool

  • Proactive recruitment strategies
  • Mining relationship networks
  • Source hidden talents
  • Community referrals

Identify Qualified Candidates

  • Determine knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Screen for success factors
  • Assess career goals and focus
  • Add to out Candidate Database

Profile for Compatibility

Your Company

  • Understand your business model, goals and company culture
  • Define your staffing needs and job specifications
  • Discuss and resolve any previous staffing challenges
  • Customize your staffing plan and compatibility profile
  • Identify all career opportunities

Our Candidates

  • Filter our Candidate Database to meet your job specifications
  • Re-interview matched candidates to ensure compatibility
  • Discuss and present specifics for your existing job openings
  • Prepare candidate to interview with you