Simplify it to: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Relationship with Your Recruiter

Many companies turn to staffing firms when they need help finding better talent or shortening the time to hire. However, companies who seek their help don’t always know how to maximize the value of their relationship with their recruiter.

Here are four essential ways to strengthen your relationship with your recruiting partner and improve your hiring process:

  1. Know who you need and what you need them to do. It’s hard to find the people you need today if you’re still relying on job descriptions from years past. Take the time to talk to supervisors and team members to find out what each position’s daily demands are. Share this information with your recruiter so job postings are up to date, accurate and phrased in a way that attracts the people with the necessary skills.
  2. Clarify your mission and culture. Your recruiter can focus on finding people who offer the right fit with your existing team and your company’s goals, amplifying your daily productivity – but only if you can clearly communicate your mission and culture to your recruiter. Take time to develop a clear description of your company’s mission, culture and goals, and share this with your staffing firm.
  3. Be open and honest with your recruiter. Recruiters base the recommendations they make on the information they have. If you’re concealing some facts about past hires or current challenges, your recruiter can’t account for them when recommending new candidates. By being open and honest, you help your staffing firm help you avoid repeating old mistakes.
  4. Send feedback, regardless of outcome. Did a candidate not work out? Let your recruiter know. Did a candidate turn into the best hire your company has made in a decade? Let your recruiter know this, too. The more feedback you provide, the better placed your staffing partner is to select the next superstar candidate to recommend to your organization.

When you forge a strong relationship with your recruiter, your staffing initiatives will be positioned for the best success. At TERRA Staffing Group, our experienced recruiters specialize in helping our clients find the people they need in order to thrive within their industries.

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