Before Picking a Staffing Firm, Look at How They Treat Their Candidates

When you evaluate staffing firms, it’s wise to consider how they treat the companies they work for. Price, responsiveness and quality of recommendations are all worthwhile considerations.

To ensure you choose the best staffing partner available, it’s also vital to consider how that staffing agency treats its candidates. Staffing firms that cultivate good relationships with candidates position themselves to offer better services and support to their client companies.

Here’s what to look for:

Do they advocate for and market their talent?

Experienced staffing firms know when their candidates succeed, they succeed. They’re confident in their candidates’ skills, experience and passion. They’re willing to stand behind those candidates by advocating for the talent in their network and by marketing these professionals and their abilities.

At TERRA Staffing, we advocate for our candidates by means of our Talent Showcase. Here, our clients can explore the depth of skill and experience our candidates represent.

Are they recognized for their work with clients and talent?

Some staffing firms win awards for the work they do for clients. Others win awards for the work they do for candidates. The best staffing firms win awards for both. Look for commendations like the Best of Staffing award, which is based on feedback from clients and candidates.

In 2017, TERRA Staffing won a Best of Staffing award from both talent and clients. Our clients and our candidates were both satisfied with our work and said so—earning us a distinction awarded to fewer than 2 percent of staffing firms nationwide. It’s an honor we work hard to maintain year after year.

How well do they communicate with clients and candidates?

Communication is the lifeblood of good recruiting. The best staffing firms are responsive when clients have questions, and they also ask questions of their own. Great staffing partners also stay in regular touch with their talent, sharing potential job openings and fielding questions. At TERRA Staffing, we encourage both clients and candidates to ask us questions and seek support—and we’re committed to responding with prompt, thoughtful information.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters focus on working closely with our candidates. Building this relationship helps us ensure we recommend the best possible match between client and candidate every time. Contact us today to learn more about our recruitment services in Phoenix, Seattle and Portland.

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