The Bright Side of a Bad Job

BrightSideIf you currently find yourself in a position you hate, look on the bright side.

“There is no bright side,” you might argue.

Take a deep breath and hold that thought.

While it may sometimes feel that way, the fact is that even a bad job has its good points.

Why, it may even benefit your career!

In doubt?

Here are five ways in which a bad job can be good thing:

  • You’re getting paid.  You may not love it, or your boss; you may hate absolutely everything about it. But with the high cost of living these days, you can’t afford to not have a job or a source of income. So while you may hate it, hey, at least it’s paying the bills.
  • You’re building your experience.  Every job is an opportunity to learn, grow and add to your professional skill set.  The skills you’re gaining and honing will look great on your resume. And a job, even one you hate, looks better on paper than no job. (The best part? Your resume won’t reveal that you hated it!)
  • You’re learning to deal with confrontation. If the reason you dislike your job is that you find yourself constantly having difficult conversations or disagreements with your peers, or maybe even your boss, you are learning very valuable skills – conflict resolution and diplomacy. So while it may be upsetting or stressful in the moment, you are strengthening your communication skills, which prospective employers find highly desirable.
  • You’re building your network. Depending on what your job is, it is very likely that you are consistently interacting with individuals that may one day prove to be valuable contacts. A customer, a client, a coworker… anyone could be a resource in a future job search.
  • You’re learning what you want in a career. Maybe the job you’re in now isn’t what you thought it would be.  Maybe it isn’t exciting. Maybe challenges you thought would be stimulating are actually just stressful. Whatever the case may be, there’s no better way to know what you want you to do in life than by discovering what you don’t want to do.

This being said, no one should feel “stuck” in a role they hate.

If you find yourself dreading going to work, consider partnering with a staffing company. They can help you find employment better suited to you and your goals.

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