I Don’t Hate My Job Anymore—I Actually Love It

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 3, 2023

Photo of David JacksonYou’re not supposed to hate your job. But because a high percentage of workers experience job dissatisfaction, it’s understandable to believe that’s an accepted part of life. 

David Jackson was unhappy (and felt unsafe) in his role. But he knew better jobs were out there. 

So he did something about it and started looking for a new position.  

Here’s what David shared. 

I was a shop manager at a granite company. And I experienced a serious safety issue that fell on deaf ears. I felt I needed to get myself out of that situation, and unfortunately, the fastest way to do that was to quit and find another job. 

Me being a single father, I was eager to find a new job right away. I Googled “temp agencies” in my area and saw a job posting through TERRA in Broomfield that read, “hiring immediately”. 

I reached out, and within two weeks, I had a new role! I ended up working for a manufacturing company that I really liked at first. My coworkers were awesome and the commute was great. 

Then about six months in, my job changed into a specialized role that I knew I wasn’t ready for. So I reached back out to TERRA, explained my situation and asked if they had anything available for me. 

Yvonne Whittaker, Staffing Specialist, told me about this Shipping Associate position with a printing company and set me up with an interview. 

The manager explained how the company operates and everything I’d be doing in my position, including the hours. 

I learned that they’re flexible when it comes to what time employees clock in, as long as you get your work done. That’s perfect for me as a single parent.

Plus, the manager was a really nice guy and easy to talk to, the overall environment was relaxed AND the location was close to my house. 

I wanted this job. 

And fortunately, I got a job offer the next day! 

When I started, I loved it immediately. I haven’t heard anybody complain about the job or about another employee. And the company just does cool things for the holidays like a chili cookout and big buffet-style lunches.

But to be totally honest, the best thing about this job is that I don’t wake up dreading going to work. I actually love my job and look forward to it. 

My attitude has changed. I have a lot more fun with my friends when I clock out. I’m not tired and burnt out like with other jobs. It’s pretty great.

Congratulations, David! We’re so glad we could be part of your journey toward a job with an awesome work environment. 

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