Go From "Newbie" to MVP in Two Simple Steps

mvpby Jez Martinez

Whether you have been hired on in a full-time capacity or are filling a temporary opening, integrating into a company can be a challenge for any new member of a team.

Here are two simple things you can do to make your transition into a new position a little easier:

1. Don’t be a know-it-all, especially if you don’t know it all. It is natural for someone who is starting a new job to feel a need to show their coworkers and employers how innovative and proactive they are. But rather than giving answers to what you perceive are problems, ask questions.

Asking questions is a great way to better understand business operations and also a great way to gain some insight into the company’s history.

More importantly, you have to take into account that you might be insulting whoever developed the idea, or might be offering an idea previously voiced by another team member.

Asking questions will show your interest in both the past and future of the company.

Revel in learning about where you work; no one expects you to go in knowing everything from day one.

2. Don’t be so cool you’re cold. Yes, you are at work to work, not to make friends. But it’s still important to get to know your coworkers, both professionally and personally.

Obviously, you don’t need to be BFFs with everyone on your team. Chances are you‘re not even going to like some of your coworkers. But taking opportunities to discover who your teammates really are and what drives them will go a long way in promoting cohesiveness in the workplace.

How so?

Communication fosters trust and grants the opportunity to become familiar with everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

Even the smallest personal connection makes people more likely to turn to each other for help or advice. People also become more willing to help each other when problems arise.

Remember, success is sometimes all about who you know. Take the time to get to know your coworkers and let them get to know you as well.

If you take the time to practice these two simple ideas, you will find your transition from “newbie” to “valued team member” a smooth one!

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