Interview Tip: Show, Don't Tell.

showdonttellby Jez Martinez

If you find yourself in an interview discussing your qualifications, take a moment to really listen to what you are saying. While your strengths say a lot about you, how you present them speaks volumes.

Here are two ways that statements about strengths can be perceived:

1. I’m an asset to a company.

2. I think I’m amazing.

Communicating the value you can bring to a company should be your goal. Steer clear of the “I’m amazing,” boastful approach. Often, what we hope will be perceived as confidence can instead come across as arrogance.  So while it is important to highlight your strengths, make certain to incorporate facts demonstrating how you contributed to making your past employers more successful.  In other words, don’t say you’re a great employee, prove you’re a great employee!

Facts carry more weight than opinions. Always be ready to support your statements by sharing measurable successes. (How much money did you save your company? How much money did you earn for your company? What processes or systems did you implement that improved the quality of life at work?) Providing examples is a fantastic means of showing a potential employer what skills you bring to the table, rather than simply telling them what you feel are your strengths. This approach gives a more well-rounded view of who you are, while also clarifying how you can be beneficial to a company.

A note of warning:  People love talking about themselves. It’s human nature. Unfortunately, so is bragging. Make certain when sharing your accomplishments and strengths not to focus solely on individual successes. You want employers to see that you are a team player and that you are focused on the bigger picture—namely, the success of their business.

So remember, if during an interview you hear yourself saying things that could sound simply like “I think I’m awesome,” without offering examples of what you have done that make you awesome (or how you helped a business prosper) back up and change tactics.

The goal is to show potential employers that you are in a position to bring value to their company, and that you believe your success directly correlates to their success.

It’s not all about you.

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