Managing Your Boss – What You Need to Know!

KeepCalmKnowYourBossMost people who quit their jobs leave not because of the job itself but because of their boss.

And while leaving may feel like the best and only choice in the moment, it’s not always the wisest course of action.

Rather than job-hopping, trying to find the boss-of-your-dreams, consider learning how to manage your boss.

That’s right. You can manage your boss!  And doing so successfully could positively impact your career.

What’s the best way to manage your boss? Manage your relationship with your boss!

Now, we aren’t saying that you need to be BFFs with your boss.  You don’t need even need to like your boss.

Here’s what we mean:                                                                               

  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss. Not meaningless chit-chat. Discuss the job. Share your ideas. DO be mindful of your approach, but never fear discussing work.
  • Praise your boss. Though it may not feel this way, your boss is human. And everyone likes to be praised. However, be genuine in your praise. It’s easy to smell a false compliment and even easier to tell when someone is sucking up to you.
  • Make your boss look good. Work hard. Not only will a job well-done stand out to your boss, it will help your boss stand out to their boss. And that in turn will endear you to your boss.
  • Learn their management style. Every boss has a certain way they like things done. Doing things their way, even if it’s not your favorite way to do things, will be mutually beneficial.

Improving your relationship with your boss is a great way to help to you be both successful and happy in the workplace.

And remember:

  • Bosses are people too. They struggle, have bad days and make mistakes just like you do. They have interests, friends and a life outside of work.
  • Being a boss can be lonely. They have to have the “tough talks” and make difficult decisions. They have to fire people. Everyone watches, judges complains about them. And a boss is always to blame when things go wrong.
  • Your boss has a boss.  There are very few people on the planet without a boss; your boss is no exception. They have goals to meet and pressure being put on them to get things done, too.

While it’s not impossible to manage your boss, some bosses are simply impossible to tolerate.

So if you find yourself looking for employment, don’t hesitate to partner with a recruitment agency on your search.

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