What is The Key to Keeping Seattle's Economy Booming?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 22, 2014

When people think of Seattle, they think innovation. Some of the most interesting and thriving companies (Starbucks anyone?) were born in the Seattle area. Thinking outside the box is key to growing your Seattle business and accessing a broader market. What hot new trends are we seeing in Seattle?

Online Businesses

When you base your business on the Internet, the world is your market. You’re not subject to the ups and downs of the local economy. And you can worry less about missing the mark on product development because your risk is spread across a worldwide market.

Craft and High-end Products

On the other end of the spectrum are tightly targeted niche markets. From craft beers to upscale movie theaters, focusing on clientele who don’t mind paying a premium to get exactly what they want can pay big dividends. Your market may be smaller, but is likely to have more disposable income.

Vintage Flair

Everything old is new again. Consignment shops, steampunk, and Mad Men-inspired clothing lines. Trends from 18th century clothing and art pieces, to mid-century modern furniture are popping up all over. If it fits into your business model, now is the time to give it a try. You could build a whole new client and revenue stream.


Seattle has always been on the forefront of providing environmentally friendly options. The rest of the country is finally catching up. Investigate more sustainable methods of providing services or manufacturing products. A smaller carbon footprint could yield larger market share as your customers and prospects look to partner with a company that focuses on environmentally friendly business practices.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Take advantage of any of these local trends; use them to inspire your own creativity. Think about fresh hiring options like temporary or temporary-to-hire to ensure that you have the talent you need without prematurely adding to your core staff. Cut out layers of hiring headaches by partnering with a recruiter who can source, screen and interview for your permanent or specialized positions. When you choose from only the most highly qualified candidates, you’ll save time, money and increase your chance of hiring success.

Want to Keep Up With Hot Seattle Business Trends?

TERRA Staffing can help. We provide the right talent to help you achieve innovation and business growth. We keep up with the latest hiring news for the Seattle and Portland Region and bring it to you. Need to know more about hiring and business news like Seattle’s new minimum wage law? Read our related blog post today!


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