Because I Was Prepared, I Was Able to Find an Opportunity I Love

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 24, 2020

Photo of Elsie Cencil Seattle Success Story

Elsie Cencil recently made a huge life change. She moved all the way from Guam to Seattle. Partly to be closer to family, and partly to make her service in the National Guard easier.

She had a place to live, but needed to find work that fit with her schedule.

One day, she was with her cousin when they met up with a friend. It just so happened that this friend was on his way to a job interview with TERRA’s Seattle office.

“My cousin knew I needed a job and suggested I tag along, to see if I could also get an interview,” Elsie said. “So, I did.”

Most people would be flustered by the idea of a sudden job interview. But not Elsie. She’s always prepared

“I always have a copy of my resume in my backpack,” she said. “You just never know when you’re going to need it!”

So, Elsie headed to TERRA, resume in hand, hoping to get an impromptu interview.

She sat down with Seattle Recruiter Ellie Tsuji. They had an instant connection.

Ellie said, “She was smart, proactive, communicative, and organized. I knew right away she would be a great employee wherever she worked.”

Elsie was open to various types of work. Ideally, however, she was hoping to utilize her experience.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything available that day. But Ellie made sure to share her name with the other recruiters on her team.

The Seattle team thought Elsie was a great and highly-qualified applicant. She had extensive experience in safety, as well as a background in administrative work. Yet none of the jobs available seemed to be the right fit. 

Until she received a call from Ellie about a Safety Coordinator position.

“Elsie not only had the safety experience, but I knew her personality would fit in great with the company,” Ellie said.

Elsie was interested and Ellie went to work helping her prepare for her interview. 

The interview went very well.

Ellie shared, “Usually this manager likes to have multiple interviews with an applicant, but after the first one, he knew it was a great fit. He liked her personality, thought she had great experience and knew she’d get things done.”

“When I found out I had the job, I was so excited – I was speechless!” Elsie exclaimed.

She’s LOVING her new job.

“I love the people I’m working with. And I love that I’m able to use the skills I already have and learn new skills from my team,” she said.

Her managers are happy, too.

According to Ellie, “The HR Manager said that Elsie is doing a fantastic job. On her third day, she was already showing employees how to improve their safety policies, and has brought many ideas to the table. She’s a valued member of their team.”

The story’s not over. Just TWO days into the job, Elsie was already leaping into action. She was aware of a toxic odor, saw smoke and immediately reached out to the fire department. Her quick-thinking prevented a possible fire in the facility!

Elsie has some advice for others looking for work:

“Always keep an open mind and be prepared for anything. There will always be opportunities for you, but the right one only comes once.”

Congratulations, Elsie! We’re so impressed by how prepared you always are and we’re so glad we could help you find the right fit. 

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