When I Needed Job Stability, TERRA Found Me a Great Fit

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on September 22, 2021

Steve Nguyen, TERRA Success Story, who was placed in a stable job he lovesRunning a small business is challenging — and it doesn’t always offer much stability. That’s why, after over a year of trying to launch his own business, Steve Nguyen decided it was time for something new.

“I was running a game development studio but I wasn’t making much money. And then business slowed. It was really stressful. I didn’t ever know if I was going to make enough money to pay the bills every month.” 

Steve needed consistent work and hours. And he needed a job that offered benefits.

So he made the decision to relocate from Oregon to Seattle. 

He explained, “My brother lives in Seattle and I’d visited him several times before. I liked it. Plus, I didn’t have anything holding me where I was.” 

Wanting a change, Steve took a leap. He moved to Seattle and started immediately looking for his next opportunity. 

Since he had previous assembly experience, he began looking for work in that field. But he was also open to a variety of industries. His main priority: to find a steady position. 

“I looked on the job boards for about two weeks but I didn’t get any interviews. So I found TERRA online and contacted them.” 

He connected with Mary Whitten, Recruiter at TERRA’s Seattle office, and they discussed what he was looking for in a job. Mary was immediately excited after speaking with Steve.

“Steve had a great attitude,” she said. “He was eager to use his previous experience in assembly but also was open to working in a new industry, which increased my ability to help him find the right fit. And when I learned he appreciated the outdoors, I knew I had the job for him. I was recruiting for a fly fishing company and I thought his work history, personality and cheerful demeanor would fit right in!”

Mary explained to Steve that this would be a working interview, but that didn’t bother him. Quite the opposite. He was thrilled at the opportunity to show what he could do. 

And he dove right in, instantly impressing his employer with his skills and experience!

According to Mary, “They loved that Steve was comfortable working independently and also on a team. He took direction from his supervisors well, got along with the team and was also dedicated to learning a new process.”

The interview went so well that Steve’s interviewers offered him the position on the spot — and he instantly accepted.

Though the role was temporary to start, Steve impressed his employers so much that they offered him a permanent position after only a little over a month! 

“I was very surprised, but happy!” Steve exclaimed. “It was the first time I got a permanent offer from an employer. It worked out really well.”

Steve has now been in his job for a few months and he loves it! 

“I like working with my hands. And I really enjoy making fly fishing products that bring people happiness.” 

What’s more, Steve has also found the stability he was looking for. 

He explained, “I would say my life is a lot steadier now! I have a secure income and benefits. And I can pay my bills.”

And if you find yourself in need of a steady job, here’s Steve’s advice: 

“Honestly, the easiest way to find a job is to work with a staffing agency. They have connections and can place you somewhere fast.” 

Congratulations, Steve! We’re so happy we could help you find the right fit! 

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We work with many local companies across a variety of industries in the Seattle-Puget Sound, Portland, Phoenix, and Denver metro areas. Our recruiters are eager to help you find your next opportunity! 

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