What Would Woody Say…

About Success Through Staffing

by Jez Martinez

American actor, writer, comedian, and director Woody Allen once said, “Eighty –percent of success comes from showing up.” And although he never said it in relation to staffing, it is definitely applicable. A staffing service is undoubtedly a great resource to utilize in order to increase the number of employment opportunities available to you, and to potentially land that dream job. But there is definitely an equation for successfully making use of a staffing service and improving your odds of finding that perfect placement.Sawed-Woody-Allen-337461

First things first, if you have an interview scheduled with a staffing service, show up for your interview. According to Woody Allen, you’re now 80% of the way to a successful placement!

Next, know when to say “no.”  If an opportunity is ever presented to you that you are having reservations about, don’t think is a good fit for you, or are just not interested in, be honest and discuss with your recruiter how you are feeling. Your hesitations could be misplaced. But if your heart’s just not in it, you shouldn’t force yourself to make a commitment you deep-down don’t plan to follow through with. Your displeasure will eventually lead to your employer’s dissatisfaction. And the goal, after all, should be to find a spot where you feel happy and motivated – to find your spot. There you have another 10%.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to say “yes.” While it is important to not take on assignments that don’t feel like the right fit, you should open your mind and dare to step out of your comfort zone; don’t judge a particular field until you’ve tried it first! Furthermore, being flexible is a great way to increase the number of options you have, not to mention increase your professional skill set. It is also a great way to network and allow your work the opportunity to speak for itself.  It is not uncommon for employers to start a contract worker in one position and, after seeing all the potential they have to offer, find a permanent home for them. And in that lies the missing 10%.

So, here’s the equation:

Showing up (80%)

+ Knowing when to say “no” (10%)

+ Not being afraid to say “yes” (10%)

= Success through staffing (100%)


Jez Martinez is a Recruiting Coordinator in TERRA’s Seattle office and a Woody Allen film fan.



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