How to Support Yourself, Your Team and Your Business in this Time of Crisis

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This activity is APPROVED for SHRM recertification credits

This is a time of upheaval. Conditions are changing daily. This creates uncertainty on the world stage, in our country, local community, and businesses. We, as humans, are not good with uncertainty. We like to take charge and make things happen, and drive for results.

Threats to our health and our money are two big triggers that drive irrational responses.

How do you deal with the changing business conditions? How do you help yourself access your resources, stay connected during times of remote working, and keep the business adapting and producing results?

In this training we’ll cover tools for:

  • Reducing your own fear/reaction/stress on a daily basis so you are more resourceful.
  • Building collaborative healthy relationships even during social distancing.
  • Adapting business during changing times.

About Thrive!

Susan Clarke, MA, a relationship and equus leadership coach, and CrisMarie Campbell MBA, Olympian, and Boeing flight test engineer are the co-founders of Thrive Inc. They’ve spent 20 years helping men, women, leaders, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships. Authors of The Beauty of Conflict (for Teams) and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples, They also co-host a podcast, The Beauty of Conflict, and have given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nationwide and San Francisco Giants and many others. They do consulting, coaching, and speaking, and their work and expertise have been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and Shape.