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April 19, 2019

Crafting Meaningful Development Plans

This Activity has been PREAPPROVED for SHRM Re-Certification Credits

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Jennifer Bouman-Steagall Red Kite Employment Law

Professional development plans create important opportunities for alignment between individual and organizational interests, as well for motivating employees to engage at a higher level. Outside of work, personal growth and development serves an equally important purpose of helping each of us find and pursue our best selves. Join us for this informative and engaging webinar, where we explore using a SWOOP analysis (a superhero version of SWOT), SMART goals, and other helpful acronyms, tips, and strategies for crafting effective professional development plans.

What does your personal and professional plan look like?

July 14, 2017

The Leader’s Edge: Improving Employee Performance No Matter What the Job!

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

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CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clark thrive!

We believe organizations need to be both smart and healthy to have organizational success. Leaders in those organizations need to have and utilize both backbone and heart in leading and developing people for improved performance. What many leaders don’t realize is the impact of their relationship with the employee on the success of that employee’s learning. The leader’s own emotional intelligence is a critical factor in the success of the employee’s potential to learn. Join us for this webinar where you will learn practical, proven tools for consistently improving employee performance no matter what the job.

August 12, 2016

Whole-Person Leadership – The Key to Increasing Influence and Feeling Fulfilled

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke Thrive!

It isn’t just about playing a part perfectly so that you get the promotion, more money and climb the ladder. We see leaders that want to increase their influence as well as their internal sense of fulfillment and that takes practicing Whole Person Leadership.

May 9, 2014

Return on Awesomeness: How to Make People your #1 Differentiator

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

January 24, 2014

On-Boarding: More than just Orientation

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

September 13, 2013

Training Within Industry (TWI)

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit