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Looking for practical guidance, real-world solutions and best practices for managing the human resources of your organization? You’ve come to the right place! HR HotSpot is hosted by TERRA Staffing Group in partnership with select associations and solution providers. Regardless of your title or tenure, you’ll find valuable information to help you address the complex challenges and unique opportunities of today’s workplace.

May 8, 2020

HR in a Post-Pandemic World

This activity is APPROVED for SHRM recertification credits

Whether you are an “essential employer” who supported a workforce who continued to report to work, an employer who was figuring out how to manage a work-from-home (WFH) workforce for the first time, or an employer who had this whole WFH thing handled, the pandemic has changed the employment landscape forever…or has it?

In this panel discussion, we will feature HR leaders from various industries who will share best practices they adopted to navigate their workforce through the pandemic as well as what’s on their mind as we all look forward to the “new normal.” 

March 27, 2020

How to Support Yourself, Your Team and Your Business in this Time of Crisis

This activity is APPROVED for SHRM recertification credits

Photo of Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell Thrive! Inc.

This is a time of upheaval. Conditions are changing daily. This creates uncertainty on the world stage, in our country, local community, and businesses

How do you deal with the changing business conditions? How do you help yourself access your resources, stay connected during times of remote working, and keep the business adapting and producing results?

In this training we’ll cover tools for:
– Reducing your own fear/reaction/stress on a daily basis so you are more resourceful.
– Building collaborative healthy relationships even during social distancing.
– Adapting business during changing times.

August 16, 2019

Reality Based Change Readiness: Ditching the Drama During Changing Times at Work.

This Activity has been APPROVED for SHRM Re-Certification Credits

Photo of Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr People Evolution

How can leaders go beyond just ensuring that change is least disruptive to their people and instead deliver up ready, willing and able teams who can ensure that change is least disruptive to the business? How can leaders move their teams beyond surviving change and instead make the call to greatness so that their teams are thriving in changing times, fueling innovation and fully aligned with the re-inventive of their organizations?

In this high energy session, leaders will learn to understand their heightened responsibilities in delivering teams and talent that are ready for what’s next along with strategies to ensure that teams able to quickly adapt and change and deliver on the needs of the organization to provide relevant, high-value, services in even mature markets. After all, change is only hard for the unready.

October 19, 2018

Analyzing and Managing Risks: How Risky Do You Like It?

Webinar has been APPROVED for SHRM Re-Certification Credits

Photo of Carol Bowser

Carol Bowser Conflict Management Strategies

How much do you love or loathe risk? How much is too much? How much do you need to adapt to external forces to stay relevant?

Individual risk tolerance is an invisible force that affects everything around it: interpersonal relationships, inter-department cooperation and leadership’s effectiveness.

Ability to diagnose and remedy divergent beliefs about the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of risk allows HR professionals to better advise organizational leaders, coach managers and resolve conflict.

May 11, 2018

How You Lead Becomes the Brand

This activity has been APPROVED for SHRM Re-Certification Credits

Photo of Justin Foster

Justin Foster Root+River

You think about your people, the numbers, your own performance and growth as a leader. But do you think about your organization’s brand? Brand is the only thread that runs through all aspects of organizations large and small. In the 21st century, brand is no longer the external candy wrapper of an organization. It is the juicy middle – the culmination of culture, customer experience and innovation. In short, brand is now a top-of-the-list priority for all leaders – regardless of title or role. In this talk specifically designed for leaders with a non-marketing related role, brand strategist and speaker Justin Foster shares his thoughts on the 5 branding practices that every leader should consider adopting in 2018. Some of these you might already do – and some will be surprising. Either way, you will get a fresh perspective on brands and branding – and how much influence you have on both.

June 16, 2017

No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman Reality Based Leadership

It is time to redefine leadership with science and research, to teach leaders strategies and tools that will actually work in their modern workplace. Leaders and organizations deserve to have a new understanding of what greatness looks like and how it can be fueled. No Ego delivers that call to greatness for all. It provides the roadmap to thinking differently about leadership and employee roles and actually delivering results, not in perfect circumstances but in today’s world.

June 10, 2016

Reality-Based Leadership – Ditching the Drama and Turning Excuses into Results

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit. Please contact us for the correct SHRM Activity ID's for this webinar.

Photo of Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman Cy Wakeman, Inc

We are certainly in challenging times in our HR world today. We have been in challenging times in the past and we will be faced with challenging times again at some point in the future. Here’s the reality check – The fact that times are challenging is not the source of our pain. The source of our pain is the absence of great leadership based in reality.

May 13, 2016

Understanding Co-Employment Laws

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of Michael Droke

Michael Droke Dorsey & Whitney LLP

How do you get the most from your staffing company? This practical program will explain the evolving law of co-employment from various perspectives: state law, wage and hour, union management relations, and others.

November 13, 2015

Solutions for Successful Strategy Execution

APPROVED for 1 HRCI and SHRM Recertification Credit

An Executive Briefing from the Alliance for Leadership Acceleration and the Harvard Business Review.

August 14, 2015

CHANGE: The Missing Link

APPROVED for 1 HRCI and SHRM Recertification Credit

July 17, 2015

5 Keys to Make Your Team Smart and Healthy By Tapping into the Energy of Conflict

APPROVED for 1 HRCI and SHRM Recertification Credit

April 10, 2015

Building Conflict-Resistant Team Cultures

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

February 14, 2014

Five Critical Management Derailers: Symptoms and Remedies

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

July 17, 2013

Dealing with Difficult People, Projects & Clients

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours