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Looking for practical guidance, real-world solutions and best practices for managing the human resources of your organization? You’ve come to the right place! HR HotSpot is hosted by TERRA Staffing Group in partnership with select associations and solution providers. Regardless of your title or tenure, you’ll find valuable information to help you address the complex challenges and unique opportunities of today’s workplace.

March 20, 2020

HR’s Evolving Role in Conflict Resolution: From Unsung Hero to Transformational Leader

This activity is APPROVED for SHRM recertification credits

Photo of Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell Thrive! Inc.

When team dynamics break down, HR is often the unsung hero who steps in to manage the difficult personalities, provide crucial feedback, and help rebuild relationships on the team.

It can take a lot of work.

How much easier would your job be if those very same leaders were skilled in building and leading cohesive teams? In other words, able to handle the smart business side of things – as well as the healthy, relational side.

In this webinar, conflict experts Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell will share tools that you can use to shift from “managing conflict” to harnessing the power of conflict – and move your organization closer to its goals.

June 14, 2019

What Should You Be Looking for in a Leadership Development Strategy?

This Activity has been APPROVED for SHRM Re-Certification Credits

Photo of Jim Hessler

Jim Hessler Path Forward Leadership

American businesses spend billions of dollars annually on Leadership Development Training and Programs. Unfortunately, much of this investment creates little or no return. There is no easy or convenient way to develop leaders for your organization – so having a comprehensive strategy is essential.

Jim Hessler, founder of Path Forward Leadership, will help you consider your options when it comes to leadership development – to help you understand what works and what doesn’t work, and where your best investments will likely come from.

February 10, 2017

Four Elements of a Performance Culture

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of Susan Stringer

Susan Stringer The Brighton Group

Your organization’s culture drives your competitive advantage. It determines how things are done and how people behave. When your culture drives performance and fosters team chemistry, it’s known as Performance Culture. While each organization’s culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors, known as core values. During this webinar, HR professionals, will learn the four elements of a performance culture. In addition, attendees will leave the workshop with practical business management principles needed to develop and execute on mission, vision and strategy

November 18, 2016

Negotiating with Stakeholders: Turn a No into a Definite Yes

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of Jeanette Nyden

Jeanette Nyden Commercial Contracting Coach

Getting multiple stakeholders to agree to your proposal can be tough, and, absolutely doable once you understand what you need to do.

This presentation will give you the tools and techniques to help stakeholders accept the need for change by defeating the status quo “no” argument to your proposal. And, you will learn valuable techniques to demonstrate the value of your proposal to the organization.

March 14, 2014

Risk & Reward: Grow Your Strategic Value By Thinking Like a (Great!) Attorney

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

May 22, 2013

How to Develop Lean HR Practices

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.0 General Credit Hours

April 26, 2013

Influential HR: Boost your Professional and Personal Power Regardless of Title or Tenure

APPROVED By HRCI for 1.5 Strategic Credit Hours