Influential HR: Boost your Professional and Personal Power Regardless of Title or Tenure

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APPROVED By HRCI for 1.5 Strategic Credit Hours

Being technically competent will only get you so far! It’s your ability to get others to do what you want and do it willingly that will determine how high you climb and how much fun you will have doing it.
Your knowledge of HR laws and regulations alone won’tt give you an executive credibility and being the “nice person in HR” won’t get you a seat at the table. Influence will!

In this session you will learn:

  • The most powerful thing you do immediately after hearing NO to your proposal request. (This one tip alone will help you get what you want 40% more often)
  • Why making your job look easy is a bad career move.
  • The magic of 72 hour deadlines.
  • How to shift from “friendly service provider” to someone others WANT to help willingly.

The information in this presentation come from academic research into the psychology of influence, interviews with influential HR leaders and decades of personal observation of keep behaviors of HR leaders who have achieved high levels of professional achievement and career satisfaction.

You’ll learn how influence works and how to increase your own personal power regardless of title or tenure. (Bonus- all of these tools will work at home, too!)