Josh Byrnes

Branch Manager, Portland-NE

Josh joined the TERRA team to lead the launch of our expansion into the Portland market and open our first branch in that area. Josh comes to TERRA with more than a decade of management experience as well as prior experience in the staffing industry. He is passionately committed to anything he takes on, enjoys problem solving and is an inspirational leader.

He is a dedicated husband and father of two young children, Logan and Lelah.  His family enjoys hiking and backpacking through the Pacific Northwest.

Tell me about your first job?

I worked for a small manufacturing company based out of my neighbors garage when I was 15. Despite its small size, it had a reputation for great quality. The owner had strict rules about quality control protocols. I learned the value of testing your product and maintaining the highest quality standards.

What other professions would you like to try?

I love hiking and backpacking. I would love to share the incredible views and seldom seen spots I have discovered in the Pacific Northwest with others. It would be great to run a guide service to share my passion.

If you could possess any super power, what would it be?

Teleporting! The amount of time we waste in the car is alarming. You can’t even multi-task (safely) while driving.

What do you enjoy most about working in the staffing industry?

We get to see every type of candidate and nearly every industry. We learn about new jobs, and people everyday. When we make the right fit–”a perfect match”–the feeling of success and pride is unbelievable.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

Time spent with developing and training is the most profitable investment we can make.