Sue Putnam

Technical Branch Manager

Before coming to TERRA in April 2005, Sue worked as manager of a nightclub/bar and a horse trainer–a perfect combination for staffing!

She joined the Everett Branch as a recruiter and rapidly became a top producer. She was promoted twice in five years and as Branch Manager lead the Everett team to record sales growth and customer satisfaction scores that rank in the top 2% of the industry.

Now Sue heads TERRA’s Technical Division.

Sue currently serves on the Workforce Development Board, as well as the Snohomish County Human Resources Association (SCHRA) Board. She is also an active member of Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS).

Sue is passionate about horses.  She loves doing any sort of outdoor activity including hiking and riding quads with her husband, Perry, and son, Riley.

Contact Me

Tell me about your first job?

Paper route at age 13. Delivered 60 papers 7 days a week for 3.5 years. This probably instilled a pretty decent work ethic; I learned that my mom wasn’t going to do it for me when I “didn’t feel like it” 🙂

What other professions would you like to try?

I would love to be a jockey 🙂 the speed, the danger; the adrenaline and the win are beyond exciting to me.

If you could possess any super power, what would it be?

Mind Reading BUT I would have the ability to turn that on and off.

What do you enjoy most about working in the staffing industry?

I love knowing what companies do, how they work and what challenges they have.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

If you have to go to work, Make a difference, make it count, get involved; don’t just take up space. (My dad.. I think he was venting about a colleague but I got the message).
“Competition is the heartbeat of business” (Can’t remember who)