I Turned to TERRA For Help with My Job Search and Landed a Job WITH TERRA!

Dasha, we are lucky to have you on our team!

Dasha Sicard was a customer service pro. She had eight years of experience working in the food service industry and four years of experience working in retail.

But things began to feel stagnant, and Dasha was ready to explore opportunities outside of food service.

She began searching for jobs online, came across TERRA and submitted her resume. Shortly after that, she was called in to interview at TERRA’s Kirkland office.

Dasha didn’t know what to expect by partnering with TERRA. You see, she had worked with a staffing agency before and didn’t have the best experience. ”They seemed pretty absent and not invested. I would call and email and go without a response for sometimes a week.”

But she took a leap of faith.

She met with Kirkland Recruiter, Yevon Yoo, and Yevon was very impressed by Dasha’s strong customer service background, excellent communication skills and engaging personality.

The Kirkland team had a few opportunities that they thought would be a fit for Dasha. Unfortunately, they did not work out.

Dasha was getting disheartened, but Kirkland Recruiting Coordinator, Corryn Reynolds, reassured her that they would help her find a job, and asked her not to lose hope.

TERRA’s branch offices often team up to help people find the right fit. And so Corryn, who was determined to help Dasha, reached out to Seattle Staffing Manager, Mark Eckroth, to see if the Seattle office had any job opportunities that might be a fit for Dasha.

Mark’s response was immediate: “When can she come in and meet with me?”

It just so happened that the Seattle office had an internal opening for an Office Coordinator and Mark was looking for an exceptional customer service professional.

Dasha was excited about the opportunity and went to Seattle to meet with Mark. Mark thought she was a great TERRA fit – and offered her the job!

When Corryn found out, she was ecstatic. “I told Dasha that sometimes one door closes so that another one can open. I am so excited that Dasha gets to join our team!”

Dasha had this to say about her experience working with TERRA. “TERRA was different. Yevon and Corryn both made it a point to reach out to me to see how my job hunt was going. They were very keen on just knowing me and my interests and goals. They were so supportive and fun to work alongside.”

She added, “I feel great. It’s amazing to see how much your life can change with support and encouragement – and taking that leap of faith! Thank you, TERRA, for helping me accomplish some amazing things in my life!”

Dasha, we love having you on our team and are thankful to have someone with your great skills and personality serving as the face of our Seattle office!

If you or someone you know is looking for a new opportunity, or looking to join our team, you can get started by checking out some of our current openings!

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget Sound, Portland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters look forward to speaking with you!

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