How Effective Staffing Ramps Up Manufacturing Production

R&D Plastics and TERRA Staffing Group

This case study shows the process TERRA Staffing Group followed to boost R&D Plastics’ production numbers and retention rates while minimizing product defects and turnover. To show the process, this case study reviews:

  • Challenges the business faced
  • Solutions to solve their problems
  • Results earned through strategic implementation
  • Highlights and main takeaways

Download our case study to discover the difference TERRA Staffing Group can make.


R&D Plastics needed a high-quality workforce to meet their production goals and high standards. TERRA Staffing Group went the extra mile to learn their individual needs, and delivered the talent they needed when they needed it. As a result, R&D Plastics saw:

On-time deliveries increase from 52% to 92%

Turnover rate decrease to 3%


A 90% reduction in product defects

Read our case study to see how TERRA Staffing Group helped R&D Plastics bring their production to the next level.

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