Our Client Testimonials

I have been nothing but pleased. My phone calls were responded to promptly and I was kept updated daily on the search as it was being conducted. TERRA is very thorough in checking references and in matching personalities to fit various corporate cultures. I was impressed with the quality of candidates and the professionalism of the staff and management within the organization. My search needs were met within my time frame and I was given various options for payment structure that were creative and flexible. I would recommend TERRA to other businesses and feel that they have a good grasp of the marketplace as it exists today..

Customer Service Manager, Internet Services Firm

We have been looking for a good staffing service to supply our East Coast plant. As part of this effort, we developed standards of performance that any staffing service must meet in order to qualify as a supplier of personnel. You might be pleased to know that TERRA Resource Group was used as the benchmark against which this standard was developed. This is because we have come to depend on the consistent high quality of TERRA service, the dedication of all the staff and the very personalized attention given to the requirements of our organization. You have my deepest appreciation for all that you do to make this aspect of our business a breeze!

Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, Manufacturing Firm

I have worked with at least eight different agencies in the last twelve years. Of all of those agencies, I feel that only two have serviced my account properly and the staff cared about my needs. With most other firms, the customer service mentality does not permeate throughout the organization. This is the key to TERRA’s success. It has become apparent to me that the service and values demonstrated by your staff comes from the top. I firmly believe that you hire and maintain employees that share your service mentality and values. Your entire organization has shown itself to be very caring and committed to the customer, to your staff, and to the employees you place. For these reasons and many others, I look forward to a long and favorable relationship between our company and TERRA.

Director of Operations

The people of TERRA know what building a business relationship means. Business people are people first and if you connect on that level, you’ll have loyal customers. TERRA is very good at doing this, they care. They don’t just want your business today, they want you to be satisfied with their services so they’ll have your business forever. When you talk with people from TERRA, you don’t feel like you’re getting a sales job. It is purely a realization that you should be using their services because they’re the best.

Human Resource Manager, Medical Clinic

We have had a relationship with TERRA for many years, and have always been impressed with the courteous service and warm manner of each and every staff member. When I call, I feel that my needs are of utmost importance to TERRA and am amazed at how quickly candidates are located and placed in our office. One need not look further than the yellow pages to see the many placement services available to employers, but having received superior service time and time again, I simply look no further than in my rolodex!

Human Resources Generalist, Medical Clinic

I am proud to say that TERRA has been our agency of choice for the last four years. Over this time, other agencies have continued to seek out our business. And they push very hard. I never hesitate to tell them who we use, TERRA, and why. They line up to be next, but TERRA continues to come through for us. Here are some of the reasons why TERRA remains on top:

* Professionalism. There has never been a case where the integrity of the agency or its staff has come under question.

* TERRA makes the effort to learn the job duties and match it with the person with the proper skills set.

* Quick response time on regular and emergency needs.

* Friendliness and easy-to-do-business-with attitude.

* Responds well to special requests.

We are very happy with our relationship with TERRA and hope to see it continue in the future.

Human Resources Manager, Insurance Company

TERRA has several programs in place that are of benefit to us: An excellent safety management program; A thorough testing process; An effective performance management process. Their staff does an excellent job matching candidates to our needs. And when we occasionally have a performance problem, TERRA’s staff is great at following up to solve issues. We truly appreciate their professional approach and terrific customer service and highly recommend their services.

Human Resources Manager, Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Your commitment to provide the highest quality worker to meet our needs has proven to be a successful partnership. Your team consistently demonstrates superior service by providing personalized understanding of our needs, culture, and philosophy. I would like to give special thanks to [the staff member who manages our account] for her tireless efforts, attention to detail and our commitment that people are our greatest asset. On behalf of our management team, please accept our thanks for a job well done. We look forward to many more years working together.

Manager, Human Resources, Aerospace Manufacturer

It was almost ten years ago when our company first utilized the services of TERRA Resource Group to fill a position. A lot has changed in the intervening ten years. One thing that has not changed however, is TERRA’s total commitment to placing the right person in the right position with the right company. And I’m sure that while that may be the credo of every placement agency, I truly believe that TERRA walks the talk. I always come away from dealing with TERRA with the feeling that you know that your clients’ best interests are really your best interests. And I think I know how you do it! You listen. You really listen. You get to know me and my company. So that when I tell you what I’m looking for in a candidate for a position, you not only hear what I say, you also seem to know what I’m trying to say! You stick with us when it seem like we will never find the perfect candidate, until we do. The bottom line? You guys do what you say you will and what every other placement agency wishes they could do.

Manager, Human Resources, Distribution Firm

We recognize and appreciate TERRA’s commitment to provide us with staff that encompasses our requirements. We also recognize your responsiveness to our requests, as well as the detailed information provided on each prospective candidate. Many of the temporary staff provided by TERRA are now full-time employees who are doing an excellent job, and we thank you!

Office Manager, Internet Services Firm

The staff at TERRA Resource Group is professional and cooperative. Their response to our requests for personnel has been outstanding. TERRA provides a personalized type of service we have found lacking in larger staffing services. We enthusiastically recommend TERRA. They care and it shows!

Personnel Manager, Electronics Manufacturer

It is my pleasure to write this letter of thanks for the outstanding service you have provided our company. It is rare that I take the time to write these letters, but I believe that when company cares about its customers as much as you care about us, it deserves recognition. In the time that we have worked together, I have come not only to rely on you as our personnel department but to consider you friends.

Plant Manager, Manufacturing Firm

TERRA came through. They provided us with a steady stream of solid candidates and gave us a concise, realistic assessment of each applicant. They also provided exceptional follow-up on a daily basis to ensure that our needs were met and determined if anything had changed in our hiring parameters. We appreciate all of TERRA’s hard work, integrity, and commitment towards making this employment match and would highly recommend their services to any other organization needing help in the staffing area.

Vice President, Consulting Firm