In today’s competitive marketplace, we know you have options when selecting a resource for your temporary workers and your recruiting needs.

Whether your need is for quality temporary workers or to fill an opening for a regular employee, TERRA has the experience and proprietary systems to ensure you the Right Fit.

Everyone says they’re better. We can prove it!

In an independent survey, TERRA earned a NetPromoter™ score of 82.7% compared to an industry average of 28.0%. That means our clients are significantly more likely to recommend us than the average staffing firm. This exceptionally high score earn TERRA a spot on the 2021 Best of Staffing® Client list. This is our 10th consecutive year winning this award, earning us the coveted Diamond Award distinction. Fewer than 2% of all staffing firms in North America received this honor.

TERRA’s client satisfaction scores are significantly higher those of the industry as an average. Learn More

You won’t be caught in the wake of a revolving door.

The average tenure of our staff is more than five years. That means you can spend your time focusing on meaningful work instead of building new relationships constantly with a recruiting firm. We know you’ve got better things to do!

We represent finalists only.

We will never waste your time with a deluge of resumes for candidates who come close. Our job is to screen potential candidates down to only the finalists, those who are a true fit to the opportunity and expectations of your organization. Our testing and screening processes are tough. Not everyone makes the cut, but our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your payroll hassles are gone.

Our temporary payroll is processed and funded locally. Most national temporary staffing firms process their payroll at central locations far from their local branch offices often in different time zones. When problems arise clients find themselves in the middle, often having to get involved and deal with irate temporary employees. We do not issue payroll checks- we either deposit a temporary worker’s pay directly into their personal bank account through direct deposit or we issue the worker a personal payroll debit card and deposit their pay directly into that account. If any problems arise we deal with it immediately so you don’t have to.

We measure and report our performance metrics to our customers.

Accountability. You expect your employees and managers to perform to your standards and measure their progress. We think you should do the same with your staffing company. We’ll discuss different staffing metrics that are important to you, we track those and report back so we can measure our progress toward the goals we share. It’s that kind of partnership that our customers have come to expect from TERRA.

We believe the best indication of future performance is past success. We thoroughly check the references of all candidates and we encourage you to check ours as well!


Right Fit

TERRA’s Right Fit is an ongoing process built with your company’s unique staffing needs in mind.

Recruit for Our Talent Pool

  • Proactive recruitment strategies
  • Mining relationship networks
  • Source hidden talents
  • Community referrals

Identify Qualified Candidates

  • Determine knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Screen for success factors
  • Assess career goals and focus
  • Add to our Candidate Database

Profile for Compatibility

Your Company

  • Understand your business model, goals and company culture
  • Define your staffing needs and job specifications
  • Discuss and resolve any previous staffing challenges
  • Customize your staffing plan and compatibility profile
  • Identify all career opportunities

Our Candidates

  • Filter our Candidate Database to meet your job specifications
  • Re-interview matched candidates to ensure compatibility
  • Discuss and present specifics for your existing job openings
  • Prepare candidate to interview with you


Screening & Evaluation

RightFit™ Candidate Screening & Evaluation

Thorough Interview

Using behavioral interview techniques, our recruiters assess a candidate’s past experience, as well as determine what they are looking for in their next position to make the best match.

Skill Evaluations

We are able to assess a wide variety of skills using computerized, written and/or practical evaluation testing. We are able to also administer any additional evaluations at your request.

In-Depth Reference Checks

Our references go well beyond a simple employment verification. We dig deeper to uncover qualitative data to make a more informed hiring decision. A written report of reference information is available to you.

Criminal Background Check

Very few staffing firms go to the expense and effort of conducting criminal background checks and a Social Security number verification on each candidate. We partner with one of the leading providers of employment screening services to do both. This protects your firm against potential charges of negligent hiring and provides you with peace of mind.


TERRA performs employment eligibility verification through the federal employment database operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). TERRA is a Designated Agent to the DHS and we can also assist in validating employment authorization for your new hires or existing employees through the Federal E-Verify database.

Drug Testing

At the client’s request we will provide workers who have passed a pre-employment drug screen prior to the start of their assignment.

Additional Verification Services

At the client’s request we are able to provide educational verification, credit checks, DMV checks and more all in an FCRA compliant manner.