Recruiting Strategies for Dynamic Staffing Needs

Kemper Development and TERRA Staffing Group

This case study examines TERRA Staffing Group’s two-pronged approach to meeting Kemper Development’s constantly changing, seasonal staffing needs without compromising on the quality of candidates. The case study covers:

  • The challenges that Kemper Development faced
  • TERRA Staffing’s strategic approach
  • The results of our partnership


A large part of Kemper Development’s operations rely on parking, security, and facilities maintenance – roles that often see high turnover rate, and ever-changing staffing needs. As a result of TERRA Staffing Groups custom staffing models, we achieved a 96.6% fill rate for positions open in the 2020 holiday season as well as filling mission-critical roles during a pandemic.

Filled mission critical roles during peak season

Provided 24/7 staffing support


Complete project management of peak season staffing with full ownership of outcome


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