Accounts Receivable Job Description Template

Accounts Receivable Job Description Template

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Accounts Receivable Job Description 

Example of an accounts receivable job description summary: “Account receivable professionals help manage the financial transactions within an organization to ensure it receives payments on time and in full. This role is responsible for managing and processing incoming payments and invoices, reconciling accounts, following up on overdue accounts, and preparing reports such as aging reports. This position requires accounting and bookkeeping knowledge, organization and strong communication skills.”

Responsibilities of Accounts Receivable Specialist

Examples of common responsibilities: 
  • Process incoming payments, reconcile accounts, and resolve discrepancies
  • Follow up on overdue accounts and initiate collections procedures 
  • Manage the accounts receivable ledger 
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting 
  • Work with multiple departments to resolve billing issues
  • Provide excellent customer service while speaking to customers about their accounts, inquiries, and possible disputes
  • Collaborate and clearly communicate with internal departments

Accounts Receivable Specialist Job Requirements

Examples of common requirements: 
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Relevant accounts receivable experience 
  • Experience with common accounting software
  • Working knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting practices
  • Customer service skills and the ability to manage and resolve disputes
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

Alternative Titles to Accounts Receivable Specialist

  • Invoicing clerk
  • Accounting clerk 
  • Accounts receivable coordinator

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