Data Entry Job Description Template

Data Entry Job Description Template

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Data Entry Job Description

Example of a Data Entry job description summary: “Data Entry professionals enter information into databases and help maintain effective record keeping practices. This role is focused on entering, updating, transferring, and verifying data in order to keep databases accurate and up to date. This position requires high attention to detail, technical proficiency, and strong time management skills.”

Data Entry Responsibilities

Examples of common responsibilities: 
  • Accurately and efficiently enter or transfer various types of data 
  • Utilize technology to scan, access, or share data across multiple sources
  • Maintain and update existing records 
  • Organize, index, and prepare data for reporting 
  • Respond to inquiries from internal and external sources
  • Organize and file physical documents as needed

Data Entry Job Requirements

Examples of common requirements: 
  • Previous data entry experience 
  • Ability to type with speed accuracy
  • Basic computer and technology proficiency
  • Highly organized with an elevated attention to detail
  • Written and verbal communication skills 
  • Excellent time management skills

Alternative Titles to Data Entry

  • Data entry clerk
  • Data entry specialist
  • Data processor

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