Manufacturing Associate Job Description Template

Manufacturing Associate Job Description Template

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Manufacturing Associate Job Description 

Example of a manufacturing associate job description summary: “Manufacturing associates work on production lines or work cells and are responsible for assembling, inspecting, and packaging products. They may operate machinery, troubleshoot equipment problems, and follow strict safety and quality control guidelines. Successful candidates for this role will be organized, detail oriented and able to prioritize accuracy in a fast-paced environment”

Responsibilities of a Manufacturing Associate

Examples of common responsibilities: 
  • Assemble products according to provided specifications
  • Operate hand or power tools 
  • Operate machinery and equipment such as forklifts, hand trucks and pallet jacks
  • Complete quality control checks and inspections to ensure products meet standards. Quality control may be of their own work in real time or the work of others as a step of the manufacturing process.
  • Package finished products for shipping
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area
  • Follow safety protocols and procedures 
  • Perform basic data entry and computer work

Manufacturing Associate Job Requirements

Examples of common requirements: 
  • Previous manufacturing experience 
  • Organized and detail oriented 
  • Basic computer skills and comfort with technology 
  • Ability to communicate with others, especially verbally
  • Ability to safely work in a high-paced environment
  • Ability to lift and move objects [specify weight].
  • Experience operating standard warehouse equipment (hand trucks, pallet jacks, etc.)
  • Forklift certification a plus

Alternative Titles to Manufacturing Associate

  • Production associate 
  • Production technician
  • Manufacturing technician 
  • Material handler

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