Warehouse Manager Job Description Template

Warehouse Manager Job Description Template

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Warehouse Manager Job Description 

Example of a warehouse manager  job description summary: “Warehouse managers supervise operations at warehouses, distribution, and other storage facilities, and oversee all inbound and outbound inventory. An effective warehouse manager needs exceptional organizational, time management, and strategic planning skills to ensure timely and friction-free operations while effectively achieving long-term goals.”

Responsibilities of a Warehouse Manager

Examples of common responsibilities: 
  • Scheduling warehouse staffing levels
  • Hiring and training new warehouse staff [in a larger operation the manager would focus on hiring and training leads and supervisors
  • Managing a team of warehouse staff
  • Establish strong communication and partnership with with other departments, suppliers, clients, and logistics professionals
  • Managing inventory to maximize productivity at scale
  • Monitoring quality control and package inspection
  • Streamlining processes for greater efficiency
  • Ensure that the operation has all of the necessary equipment (forklifts, pallet jacks etc.)
  • Lead initiatives and on-going programs to ensure a safe workplace.

Warehouse Manager Job Requirements

Examples of common requirements: 
  • Experience with inventory, supply chain, and/or warehouse operations
  • Ability to enforce warehouse procedures & policies
  • Drive accountability for achieving operational metrics for inventory, quality and on-time delivery.
  • Ability to hire, train, and manage a team
  • Ability to plan workforce resources and schedules 
  • Proficiency in warehouse management software systems
  • Prior leadership experience required

Alternative Titles to Warehouse Manager

  • Warehouse supervisor
  • Senior warehouse associate
  • Warehouse operations manager

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