TERRA seems to really care about their temporary employees. I sincerely enjoy working with you. I continue to have positive experiences at my current assignment. Thank you for doing such a good job making sure that I’m happy here.

Maria G.

I’m so thrilled! I just received my generous offer! Thank you so much for your help with coordinating this!! I appreciate everything that you have done for me since I moved to Seattle! You have all been so great and I have have enjoyed working with you guys immensely! Words cannot express my gratitude. Terra has been so great to me! I will never forget the employees at Terra’s support, professionalism, and friendship. Thank you so much!

Monique H.

I have had a great experience with TERRA. They found me a job very quickly. One that is a wonderful fit for both my experience and for me personality wise. I am so grateful to be back to work after looking for a job for over a year on my own – TERRA Staffing found me one in a week!

Laura W.

The office staff is very helpful. Very pleasant to talk with and they answer all the questions that I may have. I have been getting good steady work as well.  

Brent K.

I used TERRA Staffing to provide me with temp employees in my position as Operations Manager. Then, in a sudden turn of events, I left my previous company and used TERRA for placement for myself, so I have seen both sides of the operation. TERRA went from providing me with qualified and competent help, to finding me not just a job, but a great position with a company that I have already grown with, and I see myself being with until retirement. TERRA Staffing gave me very personalized attention, and took the time to know who I am and what I had to offer to a company. That allowed them to find the perfect fit for me and I think both myself and my new company will benefit from our being brought together. Everybody wins!

Randolph W.

Very helpful, considerate staff. They got me employment right away. And when that company did a complete staffing lay off, I was given another job assignment right away with a very great company that is already telling me they will hire me on full-time.

Shawn M.

When I applied with TERRA a year and a half ago they put me to work within 2 weeks of my interview.  They have been outstanding to work with.  Every time I call or need something I am always helped immediately, or my call is returned promptly.  I would definitely recommend anyone I know who is looking for employment to TERRA.  My fiancé is currently out of work and I told him to go to TERRA, and they have call him frequently for jobs.  You guys are FANTASTIC!!

Amelia C.

Friends that I have made through doing different assignments and I always discuss the perfect ways TERRA Staffing employees treat us. They are unlike any other staffing agency I’ve worked for before.

John M.

TERRA Staffing has taken such very good care of me and my family. I have been with this staffing agency for two years and I want to say I am in no big hurry to leave. I have been taken very good care of – they even check up on me when I am sick! They care about how you like the job they place you in, and if you say you don’t like it, they ask why and make sure they don’t put you back in that line of work. And at the same time work on getting you set up for another job! My nephew has also worked for them and he has had nothing but good  things to say to me about his job. This is a very good company to work for. Thank you!

Kitty W.

TERRA is GREAT!  Their amazing staff will find you the right job, and support you every step of the way.  They changed my life by finding me a job that I love and look forward to going to every day.  Thank you so much TERRA Staffing.

Kacie L.

Attentive staff; they kept looking for something for me and found me a position that met most of my wants. They are always willing to answer my questions. Thank you, Terra Staffing!

Teryl B.

I tried to find placement at 4 other agencies and TERRA was the only one to call back and have some helpful suggestions.

Elyse K.

The professionalism they provided me with was outstanding. Several staff members contacted me to assure I was provided with all of the necessary information and tools to have a successful interview.

Jaswinder G.

TERRA really helped me look for a job and made me feel like a real person and not a number.  I was able to get work quickly but it was work that I wanted and not a job I would be miserable doing. All the assignments I was sent on were fitted to me and the skills I could provide. I have actually already recommended TERRA to a few others and they seem happy as well..                                           

Jennifer K.

The staff is very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to others. I currently work with some of their temps and they are excellent and speak highly of TERRA Staffing. This shows how much they care and are involved with those that they send out on temporary assignments.

Corey F.

I have always had great experiences working with TERRA Staffing! I’m always able to pick up extra side jobs to supplement my income, and they also have given me assistance finding a new job.

Crystal J.

They take the time to match not only skill sets, but personalities also.  Great follow-up.

Rhonda C.

I really appreciate the support and honesty of your firm.

Serena P.

The way they responded to my resume was excellent. Also, the way they keep checking up with their staff to see how they are doing is a great deal.

Immanuel G.

TERRA and all of the staff I have encountered are wonderful! They are always friendly and have always managed to find jobs that are good matches for me.

Barbara B.

The service is amazing; the associates make you feel like they actually take the time to help. They have yet to fail me and hope they never do.

Mark D.

TERRA Staffing treats me with respect and has always found a way to answer any questions I had. If I ever had any problems the staff always worked with me. I have no problem working hard, and the staff appreciated that. TERRA is not a slave driving company that is just in it for profit, but a company that has proven that they are worthy of my gratitude.

Shawn D.

You helped me find a career I love and you found it fast.

Christopher H.

TERRA staff was very polite and respectful. The job I was sent to was wonderful. I really enjoyed going through TERRA staffing.

Pippi K.

They were prompt and gave regular updates if issues were not resolved right away.

Julie S.