I'm Thankful to Be a Recruiter

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the many, many things for which we are grateful.  It was in that spirit that the following question was recently posted on our company intranet:

Why are you thankful to be a recruiter?

The answers were as interesting as the people who shared them.  It’s pretty safe to turkeyartassume that none of these fine folks grew up wanting to be a recruiter.  Most of us never even knew there was such a thing, but we all feel it is our good fortune to have “fallen into” this career.

Reading through the responses, there were some very common themes:

  • We get to meet new and interesting people every day.
  • We are able to learn a lot about a wide variety of jobs and industries.
  • Every day is different.
  • The earning potential is awesome.
  • The work we do has a real impact on real people and in some cases we are literally changing lives.

Check out what some of our recruiters had to say about why they are thankful they found their way into the recruiting industry:

I love the fact that every day is different. I love creating real connections and relationships with my clients and candidates! They can tell when you are being true and honest with them!

My favorite moments come from people who I recommend for a position, who then turn around and thank me and thank TERRA with such appreciation. This person has changed their life. All they needed was a little help and knowing I was there to provide that support is an amazing feeling.

I love that I am in control of my income. When I work hard I am rewarded for it. I love that people come in and say thank you for opening doors for them that they couldn’t even find. They are so grateful, and I was just doing my job. What a great job to help others!

We are behind the scenes in every company and every industry. We know what it takes to be a good recycling sorter, accounting manager, call center rep, warehouse manager and the list goes on. I meet someone new everyday who’s life I will have a direct impact on.

There are two things I love about being a recruiter that go hand in hand. The first is the highs and lows. I’ve never had a job so inherently rewarding, but also with tough setbacks that are inevitable. The second is that the rewards always outweigh the setbacks. Right when things are at a low point – something great happens. You get a call from an applicant who’s now working and wants to do business with you because they had a great experience, even though you didn’t place them. You call a client and they stop the conversation to let you know the person you placed 3 years ago is still incredible. An applicant you did place stops by with flowers because the job you put them in changed their life. The little things like these are really big, and what I love about being a recruiter!

I love that there is so much to learn in this industry and that the more knowledgeable I am, the more equipped I am to help someone–whether it’s in the now, or in the long-run. We help many people daily.  It feels good to go home every single day knowing the company you work for is actually making a difference in the lives of others.

I love recruiting because I have learned so much about a variety of industries and positions, many of which I had no idea even existed.  I also really enjoy seeing how my work can change someone’s life; whether it’s giving them a renewed passion for their career path or helping them get a job that allows them to obtain a car or an apartment, it is very rewarding.  The earning potential is great too!

I love the busy pace and excitement!  Everyday is different and its own adventure.  WE meet new people and make new connections on a daily basis either as a client or candidate or client and sometimes both.  I am someone who needs to feel like I am making an impact and at the end of the day I always feel accomplished whether it’s a big or small accomplishment.  I also bore easily if I’m not challenged.  This is honestly the first position I have held that hasn’t bored me at one point or another.

Recruiting is so exciting and rewarding to me in so many ways!  You are given the opportunity to learn about so many different types of industries.  You get to meet interesting people on a regular basis.  You get to get out of the office and go on client appointments. Mostly, you get to make a positive difference in people’s lives!

Today I received two notes from people thanking me for encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones to “go for it” on job opportunities.  One just started a new opportunity after not working for a couple of years, and the other just converted to a permanent employee!  This is one of my favorite things about being a recruiter!!  Being in a position to help people and get paid for it makes my job an absolute pleasure!

Think you might like to be a recruiter?  Contact JoAnn Xydis (JoAnn@TerraStaffingGroup.com) to learn more about opportunities available with TERRA Staffing Group.


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