Six 2017 Hiring Trends (And What They Mean for Hiring!)

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 13, 2017

2017-planThe new year means parties, resolutions and a fresh outlook – it also marks a great time to get in touch with the latest hiring trends and what they’re likely to mean for your business.

Here are six of the top hiring trends on the horizon in 2017 and how they’re affecting businesses throughout the country

1. The Trend: Selling a Culture

What It Means: 
Companies have known for years that having a stable, innovative culture is essential to attracting top talent – but many have lost the value such a culture provides by failing to sell it to top talent. In the coming year, a strong employment brand that exemplifies your company’s culture should be first on your list if you’re seeking outstanding candidates.

2. The Trend: Leading People

What It Means: Empathy matters more than ever when it comes to effective management. To keep the best people excited and engaged, you’ll need to connect with them as people in addition to providing the information they need to do their jobs well.

3. The Trend: EQ

What It Means: 
EQ, or “emotional quotient,” is shorthand for emotional intelligence – the ability to understand why other people do what they do and adapt accordingly. The most flexible and creative candidates are those with solid emotional intelligence. In the coming year, talk to your recruiter about how to find candidates with a high EQ.

4. The Trend: Referrals Matter

What It Means: 
Employee referrals can be your top source of qualified candidates that offer a great fit for your team…if you know how to use them. Developing a strong internal referral system is high on the list for many companies in 2017, making it a strong new trend.

5. The Trend: Boomerang Employees

What It Means: 
The “boomerang employee” is one who works for your organization, leaves and then returns. Once looked upon with skepticism, boomerang employees are becoming one of the hottest new hiring trends for their familiarity with the company and its culture. Talk to your staffing partner for advice on how to reach out to these former employees turned candidates.

6. The Trend: Millennial Mobility

What It Means: 
As many as 3.6 million leaders are set to retire from the nation’s businesses this year, leaving gaps to be filled from the ranks of younger up-and-coming employees. Hiring from within is a fantastic way to build talent when done well. Your staffing partner can help you think through this process and develop better results.

Top talent is in high demand! By adopting some of these trends in 2017, your company will be positioned for the best recruiting success.

Be sure that you are partnered with a recruiting firm who is an expert in your area and knows how to embrace industry changes.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters stay on top of the latest hiring trends so we can help you adapt quickly in changing times – and find better candidates in less time.

Find one our branches today to learn more about recruiting services in Portland, Phoenix and Seattle.

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