Building Emotional Safety in the Workplace

Date: 10/15/2021

Time: 1634292000 - 1634295600 PST

Emotional safety is an individual’s perception of the consequences of taking interpersonal risks at work. What if some team members don’t feel comfortable speaking up? What if they’re afraid to share their concerns or resist asking challenging questions? What if they avoid suggesting innovative ideas because they’re worried about rejection? Do employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work each day?

When our body and mind experience safety, our internal social engagement system enables us to collaborate, listen, empathize, and connect, as well as be creative, innovative, and bold in our thinking and ideas. This has positive benefits for our workplace relationships as well as our lives in general.

This program will cover:

  • Why emotional safety is such an important topic for productive workplaces (yes even virtual ones)
  • The four stages of psychological safety
  • Ideas for creating and reinforcing an environment of trust
  • How leaders and co-workers can nurture psychological safety

Deborah Jeffries

HR Answers

About the Speaker:  Deborah Jeffries serves as the Vice President for HR Answers, Inc. She has nearly 40 years’ experience in the human resources field (33 in consulting). As a consultant, recruiter and trainer, Deborah works with organizations on the employment processes/activities, performance management, coaching, customer service, harassment, supervision, leadership, improved communication and more. Deborah’s past work experience includes recruiting, training, education, sales and marketing, as well as HR in retail, restaurant, staffing, and manufacturing environments. She holds a BS in Psychology and a teaching certificate from Willamette University. Clients comment on her no-nonsense practical approach, her energy and her positive attitude. Deborah engages, motivates and encourages her program participants toward self-improvement and self-reflection as they build up their skills to become part of a team that creates great places to work. Those that know Deborah describe her as energetic with a quirky sense of humor, a passion for HR, and a contagious laugh. That’s all the official stuff.....She is a fan of the letter M...She is a Mom, loves Mickey Mouse, the Mariners, M&M’s, and a Mocha Frappuccino’s. Then throw in the Seahawks, the beach, reading books, hanging out with her kitties, eating anything chocolate, vacationing on a cruise, and the opportunity to drive “fast” on the Autobahn. Hmmmmm, what does this tell us about Deborah?